4PM Gathering

We are starting a brand new 4pm Gathering on August 25!

This is an incredible opportunity to create more space in our morning Gatherings and invite more of our community and the unreached to join us at church, hear the truth from God's Word, and be a part of what He is doing here at Highland.

Are you ready to be a pioneer with us, making the 4pm the Gathering you attend for corporate worship? Click below to let us know!

I'm Ready!


Who is the 4pm for?

The 4pm is for everyone, but is a great place for current Highlanders who do not attend an ABF and serve in a capacity outside of a Sunday Morning Gathering. The 4pm is a great Gathering to attend if you want to invite friends and family with you, as it will be a less crowded Gathering. For people who do not currently attend Highland, we hope they will come to the 4pm if they work on Sunday mornings, or just enjoy having the morning to themselves and want to attend church in the afternoon!

Who can come to the 3:30pm Prayer Time?

All are welcome to attend the 3:30pm Prayer Time. If you are serving at the 4pm Gathering, you are free to leave when you need to report to your area, but it is an open time of prayer led by Pastor John and Jennifer Durham that all are welcome to!

What childcare is available at the 4pm?

Our Preschool Ministry (birth through Pre-K) will meet on the 2nd floor of the Education Building during the 4pm Gathering. Elementary aged children do not have programming so that they can worship with their parents in the Gathering.

How will this be different than the morning Gatherings?

This Gathering will be identical to our three morning Gatherings! We will have the same worship team, sing the same songs, and hear the same message from the same speaker at the 4pm Gathering.

How can I serve?

There are many opportunities to serve at the 4pm Gathering. These include serving in our Preschool Ministry, on the Welcome Team, or on the Media Team! Click here to request more information about these serving opportunities.