Men & women's prayer

Each Sunday morning at 8am in the Youth Room (first floor of Education Building). This 30-minute prayer time is a time for brothers to pray for one another, to ask the Lord for salvation and restoration, and to hear God's Word spoken over us.    John Durham

During the summer months, women will gather at 8:00am in LC1 each Sunday morning to pray for one another and to pray for our church. This is a great time of coming together to serve the church family through prayer. For more information contact  Jennifer Durham  

Pray/Celebrate & First Fruits

As our church Fam, we want to always be praying for you and celebrating with you. Please send your Prayer requests and Celebrations to Pray/Celebrate or fill out this form. 

Monday mornings at 8am in the White House Parlor. This is an hour of prayer over the requests that were turned in by the church family on Sundays. For more info contact Mark Wible.

Community ministries prayer

Each Wednesday from 9:30-10:15am in the Maple Annex. This is a time of intentional prayer for the powerful work of God among our neighbors, community ministries and the new Wellness Center. For more info contact Jamie Hipp

Watch & Pray

Each Wednesday afternoon from 4-5:15pm in the Education Building (Room 124). This is a time to pray for needs locally, nationally and internationally. The desire is to pray for people and situations on God's heart, such as governmental leaders, missions, the harvest of souls, our church and neighborhood and the persecuted church. For more info contact Janet Ross

Prayer email

If you would like to know how to pray for the church family each week, you can receive an email of prayer requests and prayers answered. For more info contact reception

Missionary prayer updates

If you would like to receive emails from missionaries in the field with prayer requests and updates please contact Jamie Hipp