Everything Matters: The Search for Meaning

Series: Everything Matters

Everything Matters: The Search for Meaning

September 05, 2021 | John Durham

ECCLESIASTES 2:1-3 Here’s an empty king, so he tries laughter and wine. The problem with a life constantly filled with laughter and wine is that there is no room for mourning.  V1 – Solomon is going to test or tempt his heart with pleasure


2:4-11  Here’s an empty king, so he tries accomplishments and success. Solomon says he did everything a successful person was supposed to do. V11. It was nothing!


2:12-23 Here’s an empty king, so he tries wisdom and a good work ethic. A few positive things: 13 Wisdom > foolishness. 13 Light > darkness. 14 A wise man lives life with his eyes open.

But then Solomon goes right back to his pessimistic reality V16 both the wise and the foolish will be forgotten.
V22-23: the more things you have the more sorrow you have.


2:24-26 Here’s an empty king, who finally sees joy in connection with God We find nothing in our finite lives to find infinite peace. We must go outside of ourselves to find real meaning in this life.


Two Big Ideas

  1. We spend our lives worried that what we hate will destroy us. But it is what we love that is more likely to ruin us.
  2. Everything minus God is nothing. Nothing plus God is everything.

Series Information

In this series, we seek meaning by looking at one of the most difficult books of the Bible to understand - Ecclesiastes. What we find is that a life spent in pursuit of pleasure, achievement, and control eventually leaves us empty.

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