Everything Matters: True Success – Drew Humphrey

Series: Everything Matters

Everything Matters: True Success – Drew Humphrey

October 03, 2021 | Drew Humphrey

1. Abilities and Morality are not Predictors of Success (9:11-12)
  • "Providence" means that God is working all things to accomplish His Greater Purposes. 
  • Providence is God redeeming our mess, not authoring foolishness.
  • Providence is not permission for our passivity. 
  • Success is found in staying faithful to the One who providentially works above all the circumstances of life. 
2. Success is not a Predictor of Praise (9:13-18)
  • The wise one will not allow circumstances, nor outcomes, to determine the investment of their life. 
  • Just as “success is not a predictor of praise” … So too “praise is not a predictor of wisdom.” (v17)
3. Foolishness Cannot Be Hidden (10:1-3)
  • The Bible is clear: You are a fool if you believe you can live with a little foolishness in your life and get by as wise. 
4. Facing a Fool with Wisdom (10:4-7)
  • Solomon gives wise advice when facing a fool: (1) do not leave your post and, (2) calmness can lay great offenses to rest. 
  • A response of outrage is not only foolish, it is ineffective.
Worldly success isn’t predictable. Time and chance happen to all. But peace is attainable, through trusting the Wise One in Heaven.

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In this series, we seek meaning by looking at one of the most difficult books of the Bible to understand - Ecclesiastes. What we find is that a life spent in pursuit of pleasure, achievement, and control eventually leaves us empty.

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